Koko Deluxe 1kg packets

Who Runs the Show?

At Koko Deluxe our trees are always green, and our purpose is simple... to source and purvey the most deeply flavoursome cocoa to be found.

It was from a small Melbourne laneway that Koko Deluxe was founded in late 2005 by a couple of kiwi baristas, who shared a love of the second most important bean in their lives - cocoa.

In a tiny espresso bar they blended every cocoa imaginable, with the purest sweetness from the natural Australian cane and what they came up with was close to revolutionary. Its original flavour is now being sold in New York, London and of course throughout NZ.

The dark African cocoa we use is exploitation free and blended without the chemicals, gluten, dairy or the nasty fillers hidden by others.

So polish up that silver spoon, because Koko Deluxe is a small, perfect, everyday luxury.